Jose Contreras

Jose is the newest member of the team, he does great work crossing over into many different styles.
Phatt German

Phatt has over 6 years tattooing experience and is able to put his hand to most styles. He is a real all rounder.

Fine art graduate with 3 years tattooing experience. Specialising in colour, and colour realism work.
Lauren Gow

After clocking up 3 years experience in studios across Devon Lauren joined the No Regrets Team in the summer if 2012. Taking on a variety of work she specialises in Neo-Traditional and is fast building her black and grey portfolio.

Romanian born Bogdan has spent the last few years working in Romania before relocating to No Regrets at the tail end of 2013.
Drew Romero

Drew has been tattooing for eight years. His distinctive style has a strong Neo Traditional feel to it.
Daniel Alex

Daniel has been tattooing for 8 years and started his career in Romania before relocating to the UK.
Matthew James

Artist and tattooist from Bristol, England. Stylistic Black and Grey tattooing.

Body piercing & fine body jewellery specialist
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