As a custom studio with award winning artists, we collaborate closely with our clients to produce the highest quality bespoke tattoos. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, a modern cutting edge studio and a team dedicated to ensuring your experience is one that is memorable.


Bacanu Bogdan
Danny Romano
Jen Sterry
Paul Goodwin
Dario Grasso
Sergiu Mazilescu
George Paunescu
Lauren Gow
Jose Contreras
Razvan Rosca
Drew Romero
Phatt German
Helen Rebekah


No Regrets Studio – Guest Artists
Georgi Kodzhabashev
11th – 16th April
Georgi is a returning guest artist from Bulgaria and works in Iron & Ink. He is known for his skills with compositional realism.



Guest Artists 2016

Here at No Regrets, we have various guest artists pay us a visit throughout the year, all of whom specialise in different tattoo styles. Thankfully, they take time out of their busy schedules to visit us from all over here at our studio. Having travelled and worked... read more

Morph Rose Tattoos By Andres Acosta

The variety of morph rose tattoos you must have already seen on the internet are the replicas of the original morph roses by a Texas-based artist Andres Acosta.   Rose and Skull Morph By Andres Acosta Andres Acosta works at the Body Language Studio in Galveston... read more

Top 3 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Tattoo

Now that your tattoo is nicely healed and the results are fantastic, you assume that you won’t have to worry about them it the foreseeable future, but it still requires a small amount of maintenance to keep it looking as fresh as it was on the day that you got it.... read more